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Heroes of Mavia: Comprehensive Currency Guide

Welcome to the definitive resource for all things currency within the vibrant world of Heroes of Mavia. This guide is designed to help you navigate the intricacies of the game's three distinct currencies: Ruby, $MAVIA, and Sapphire. Each currency serves unique purposes, enhancing your gaming experience in different ways.

Ruby: Your In-Game Currency


Ruby is the backbone of the in-game economy, earned through battles, achievements, and daily challenges.


  • Craft Legendary Items: Create NFTs to boost your gameplay.

  • Ruby Marketplace: Trade NFTs with other players, enriching your cosmetic options to display your Mavia prowess.

Sapphire: The Premium In-Game Currency


Sapphire represents the premium in-game currency, available through in-app purchases, and acts as a versatile tool for strategic gameplay enhancement.

Key Advantages

  • Purchase Resources: Instantly buy essential resources like Gold and Oil when supplies run low.

  • Instant Building Upgrades: Accelerate your base development with on-the-spot upgrades.

  • Buy Shields: Secure your base against enemy attacks by purchasing protective shields.

  • Trading on Ruby Marketplace: Facilitate trading by covering fees with Sapphires for a smoother transaction experience.

MAVIA Tokens: The Governance and Premium Currency


MAVIA tokens extend beyond the game, serving as the governance token of the Mavia ecosystem and offering in-game perks.


These tokens are obtained outside of direct game activities, highlighting their premium status.


  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy unique in-game items and perks.

  • Web Marketplace Trading: Use tokens to trade on a broader platform.

  • Governance Participation: Influence the future of the Mavia ecosystem by voting on key decisions.

Enhancing Your Gameplay with Currencies

Each currency within Heroes of Mavia opens up unique pathways for player engagement and game progression. Whether you're leveraging Rubies to craft and trade NFTs, using MAVIA tokens for exclusive in-game content and governance, or employing Sapphires to accelerate your gameplay, understanding and utilizing these currencies will greatly enhance your experience in the world of Mavia.

Dive into the strategic depth of Heroes of Mavia by making the most of Ruby, MAVIA Tokens, and Sapphire. Your journey through the game will be enriched by the thoughtful application of each currency, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.