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Installing and Starting Your Adventure in Heroes of Mavia

Downloading the Game

Heroes of Mavia is globally accessible and ready for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Embark on your journey by finding the game in the App Store or Google Play Store. The process is straightforward and familiar, designed to get you into the game without hassle.

Initial Setup and Options

Upon launching Heroes of Mavia for the first time, you'll be greeted with a seamless introduction to the game's world. Depending on your device, the onboarding experience will slightly vary:

  • iOS Users: You will be presented with three options:

    • Play As Guest: Dive into the game immediately without needing to link social accounts. Ideal for getting a quick start, this option allows you to complete the tutorial, choose a username, and engage in missions. However, linking a social account at your earliest convenience is advisable to secure your progress and enable earning Rubies from battles.

    • Sign in with Apple: Exclusively for iOS, this option lets you link your game progress to your Apple ID, ensuring your achievements are saved across devices. After agreeing to the prompts and signing in, you'll proceed to the tutorial, setting the stage for device flexibility and Ruby earnings.

    • Sign in with Google: Available on both iOS and Android, signing in with Google connects your game progress to your Google account. Following a simple confirmation process and account sign-in, you'll enter the tutorial, safeguarding your progress across multiple devices and unlocking Ruby rewards.

  • Android Users: You will have two options:

    • Play As Guest and Sign in with Google, functioning similarly to their iOS counterparts, ensuring a smooth transition into the game.

Embarking on Your Journey

After navigating through the initial setup and completing the tutorial, you're set to explore the expansive universe of Heroes of Mavia. With your username set, the realm is yours to command. Build and fortify your land, conquer solo missions, train formidable troops for battles against other players, and either create your own alliance or join an existing one to amplify your influence.

Your adventure in Heroes of Mavia is just beginning. Dive into the world, where strategic planning, alliances, and battles await. Whether you're enhancing your domain or engaging in epic skirmishes, every decision shapes your path to glory.